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More than a shelter, we want to be a place of treatment, care, and recovery. Where animals that are victims of abandonment and abuse can reverse their perception of human beings and live with affection, freedom and dignity.


Our story begins in 2005, in Ibiúna, when we welcomed our first two dogs: Max and Mello. Thus, the Maxmello Association for Animal Life Support was born. Sadly, Max passed months after due to cancer. But Mello lived happily for many years until he said goodbye in peace in 2017. But both have enormous symbolism in our history, as they paved the way for the arrival of more than 3,000 animals that have already passed through here.


Today, Maxmello takes care of 400 dogs and 20 cats. Most of them, with a history of abuse and abandonment. With serious and meticulous work, coordinated by the protector Sandra Guilarducci, Maxmello consolidated itself in the scenario of NGOs for the animal cause, thanks to a serious, transparent work committed to rescue and recovery.


Over the years, we have gained support from personalities and gained notoriety in the media with awareness-raising actions. Even so, we still face numerous daily challenges and are undergoing a profound structural transformation, to be an increasingly sustainable and contemporary shelter. And so, honor the legacy of our dear Max and Mello.


Even amid numerous daily challenges, we have very high rates of rescue and full recovery of our animals.


In addition to being welcomed, many of our animals gain new homes thanks to the constant adoptions we make.


We believe in the power of awareness to promote responsible ownership. Therefore, we carry out campaigns and marketing actions

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